Have you ever noticed the Universe always adheres to physical constants? Have you ever wondered why nothing seems to be able to violate them, well, I know why. My name is Donald Lopez and I used to work for the Physics Police. You might be wondering "What's a 'Physics Police?'" Well, I'll tell you. The Physics Police are a transcendental, maximally present police force that makes sure all universal objects adhere to the laws of physics. It works like any other police force. We arrest criminals, except these criminals break the laws of physics and we arrest them and wipe memories. Anything can defy the laws of physics, the reason you can't seem to is because we're there to stop you. You might be wondering how you get a job to work here? The answer? Jump into a black hole. People think you die, but you just get transported to the next plane of existance where you can become a Physics Police officer. With that out of the way, here is a terrifying account.

When I was in the force, we were called in to inspect a case of a man creating a perpetual motion machine. When we got there, we also had the thermodynamics police help us but when we went inside, the building was dark and empty, and in the middle was the machine. It was a simple sphere inside some red liquid. We took a taste test and found out it was blood. But the DNA test matched no one, so it must have been engineered. Then a monster that's so horrid I can't even begin to describe screamed as it defended the machine, it was none other than the most wanted monster, Notwen. It's on the most wanted list, most famous for breaking newton's laws and thermodynamics it tried to attack us but we tried and shoot it. It teleported and we chased after

To be continued.