This pasta was up for 20 minutes before being marked for deletion. Talk about fail. Also, Five Nights at Freddy's inspired. Wow.


So, one day I was on my computer. I was searching for my nephew's birthday present. He was three by the way. I was looking along the lines of Muppets, or things like Sesame Street, when a came across a strange article. This article explained that when the muppets were created, they were created in the same design studio as horror film puppetry and masks, so other films were created there. So I read on and read that during the making of a horror film, which was to be completely based around robots. I also read that Jim Henson was planning to  make the muppets animatronic. Unfortunately, during tests, they mixed up the exo skeleton of a horror robot and mixed it with a muppet. These then broke loose and reeked havoc over the whole town. I decided to stop reading there. The next day I woke up to find that covering my window, was the words, "We're not done yet," covering my windows with blood. We never saw that message again, but we are sure that they are still out there