CHAPTER 1: The Encounter Edit

One day I was at my supermarket: Target when I found Deltarune Chapter 66. The cover had the logo and chapter title. it said: "..." I thought it was a joke to scare audiences. I took it home anyways.

I put the disk in my PC and it had the same introduction, but when it cut to white, instead of Toriel waking you up, it showed Kris walking in a road and said: "When will Asriel come back?" I treated it as a joke from the beginning of Chapter 1. Then he said: "Toriel promised it was this week, but he did not come." Then he stopped from a moment and went to a road and said: "That's it, I am done. I will wait for the bus to ram me." I also thought it was a reference to "One course meal", a episode from SpongeBob you may or may not heard about. Anyways... Back to the pasta!

Then... Kris was true. The bus rammed over him. Blood splattered all over. What came up was his arm, his head, and his leg.

Then it cut to a gravestone. I was controlling Ralsei in a suit. I read the gravestone and it said:

"R.I.P Kris. Bftmwsih - 2019."

That first text said: "Beware for the man who speaks in hands." I was like: "Gaster reference?" Then Ralsei Said: "Kris.. if it wasn't that "Asriel's" Fault, then I would never had visited your graveyard. Then he walked away. Then I was controlling a line. it was Ralsei, Susie, Lancer, and Jevil. They all faced the graveyard. They went for a moment of silence, then they attacked the grave. Then the grave vanished. Then they walked away. Then text said in Korean: 크리스는 더이상 돌아가지 않습니다. 지금 게임을 흉상. Then I busted the game imediatelly.

Chapter 2: The search Edit

The next day I was in Target's Website to see if this game is existing. it isn't. Then I encountered a link to an unknown website. The title was: "FREE GAMES" I clicked it. It showed a random spawn of games. And I found the game. But then, when I clicked on the game, the website was banned. Good lord it was gone...