There was once a little boy named James. He was nice and obedient, but sometimes he did strange things. His parents weren't sure why.

One day of 1978, James suffered a seemingly fatal injury. An ambulance was sent immediately to take him to the nearest hospital.

The ambulance was about halfway to the hospital when it neared a bridge. Just before the vehicle started to cross, James lost the battle with his injury and died in the back.

The ambulance began to cross over the bridge, but suddenly made a weird noise and swerved to the left all on its own. The driver lost control, and the ambulance drove over the side of the bridge and plummeted into the deep river below, killing everyone inside.

For a while, the ambulance lay at the bottom of the river, deteriorating.

A few years later, the police came to the river to try and take out the ambulance to see if they could find any clues as to what happened. However, they discovered that the ambulance had somehow disappeared.

Several years after that, a family was crossing the same bridge in their minivan. They then slammed on the brakes immediately to avoid hitting a vehicle on the bridge ahead of them which was travelling at a slower speed.

The vehicle was a dark, mysterious, rusted ambulance. It ceased to react at all to the minivan stopping just behind it.

The strange thing was, the family hadn't seen the ambulance until the moment before they slammed the brakes. It seemed to have just appeared.

The ambulance continued to cross the bridge with a ghastly moan before vanishing at the other side.