Once upon a time, there was disease in a small town in Ireland. This disease gave people strange multicolored bumps and it also made them feel light headed and dizzy. And of course they went to see the Skin Doctor.

The Skin Doctor was a rather strange man. He was quiet. Very, very quiet. But he seemed to be able to help. Everyone was very happy. But the Skin Doctor was getting more and more tired. The disease kept spreading and coming back.

People started disappearing, people started saying there was a criminal killing people and stealing their bodies. So the police began to interrogate people. They searched every house they could. And no evidence. Until one day, the chief of the police, who was a good friend of the Skin Doctor came for tea with him.

He came and was greeted with a "Oh hello dear friend, how are you today?" the chief answered.

"I am fine, you don't look so well," he said as he stared under the large bags under his friend's eyes.

"Perhaps you should rest?"

"Oh no time, no time..." Said the Skin Doctor.

"Wait! I forgot about the tea! I shall make it now! Wait here!" He said as he ran for the tea.

"Huh..." Said the chief.

The chief paced around while he waited, and a floorboard fell down. He was quite confused, and he thought he saw a body below. I MUST ACT CASUAL. The chief thought. After the tea, he quickly assembled a team and searched under the floorboards.

What he saw was horrible. He saw dead bodies which were missing their skin, scattered in the darkness. The chief opened his mouth wide as did his fellow policemen. The chief turned on his light and stared in horror.


It said on the wall. The chief and his men ran up to arrest him, but he was gone. They saw a note on his open window. It said, "Run, run as fast as you can, you won't get away, I'm the Skin Doctor man." Then they heard maniacal laughter and saw a policeman get skinned by the Skin Doctor, they shot at him, and then they ran.

People say he disappeared forever, but others say he is still around. In other places. Fooling people to think he is a gentle and kind Skin Doctor. And right now he is where you live, and is that a wart? You should have it checked out.

By a Skin Doctor.