Wesley Sanchez was very good at archery. He went to a school club and it was very rare for him not to get within five centimeters of the bulls eye. But apart from archery Wesley had no other hobbies or talents.

He was failing nearly all his subjects and got bullied regularly. Some people beat him up on a day-to day basis.

But Wesley always had archery to turn too, and despite the fact he regularly debated suicide he decided that his love for archery was to strong and he never wanted to stop doing it.

One week later Wesley's body was found in an alleyway. He had multiple scars over his body, one of his eyes was gouged out and most of his hair had been scraped of with a knife, any hair left was stained with blood.

The CCTV footage showed Wesley walking down the alleyway (his mother, whom the police interviewed later said he was going to his Uncle's house and he always took the alleyway as a short cut) when two people (who were identified as people who went to school with Wesley) ambushed him and started beating him up, eventually Wesley was stabbed in the chest and his body mutilated, then his body left.

The police went looking for the two boys who had killed Wesley and found out that they had checked into a hotel 13 miles away.

The police went to the hotel and when they went in to the room the two had checked into the police found them dead. There was an arrow poking out of each of their chests and no signs of any other wounds.

The police couldn't find any evidence of who killed them and the case went cold for 3 months when another was killed in the same way.

He was identified as Ashley Pond who also went to the same school as Wesley. And 2 weeks later another boy who went to the same school was found dead with the same wound, an arrow out of his chest.

Police named the killer "The Target."

The Target went quiet for a while until another boy was found dead; he also went to the same school and had the same wound, an arrow in his heart.

This dead boy's mother said she saw somebody with a bow and arrow leaving the area after she found her son.

She described him as having, "Only one eye with nearly no hair, he was covered in scars and stained with blood." Template:Sort