When you're about to go to sleep at night, you set your alarm, turn on your lamp (that is, unless you like to sleep in the dark) and you get under the covers. If you're a taller person like me, your bed isn't long enough to keep your feet in. So you bend your legs getting them under your covers. But I thought it was just silly that you don't let your feet go off your bed. And I regret doing that.

When I went to sleep, I had a dream that, the skin of my feet was being ripped off. It was unbearable pain, I could feel every last bit of it. When about all the skin of my feet was ripped off, I struggled to see who or what was doing this. I had a faint memory of what it was, all I could remember was its gashing, ripped, bleeding face, and stubs of finger nails on its bloody hand.

When I awoke from that unbearable nightmare, I looked at my feet, some parts of it were ripped down to the bone. I fainted. When I awoke again, I was in the hospital. I looked at my feet, and they were still bleeding. I looked around and then the doctor walked in and stared at me. He had yellow, bleeding eyes, and nubs for fingernails, and a gashing ripped bleeding face. The thing grinned and said, "are you ready, for more?"

The thing got closer with a knife has he started cutting my legs. It cut through the bone even. When he cut to half way through my thighs, he said with a bleedy grin "You must be hungry." He cut more of my leg into a small piece then fed it to me. It kept feeding my leg to me and kept the blood in a glass, even after I puked, that thing kept feeding my flesh to me. Then after my legs your gone, it open my mouth and poured my blood down my throat. I wasn't dying, it was like hell.

It continued to cut me up and feed me to myself until he reached my heart. It stopped and walked to a cabinet. The thing took out a jar of needles, and walked back over to me. It stuck needle by needle into my heart.

When all the needles were in, it pushed them deeper right through my heart. It broke the jar over my face. It grabbed my jaw and ripped it right off. It grinned at me as I lost sight and hearing. I could faintly hear "This is just the beginning." Template:Sort