Have you ever wondered why your life has its horrible moments? The moments that you just feel like vanishing into nothing and never return?

I can tell you, that's not what you want. Once every 10 years, angels give one troubled person a wish. I was at least 12 when my best friend had her wish come true.

She wasn't feeling good that day, her mother said she would be fine. She wasn't physically sick, maybe it was in her mind, but she still complained about stomach pains and a headache.

While I was sitting in class, she seemed to of dozed off into a dream state while we took a test. I tried to wake her quietly, whispering or poking her, but she just moved her hands.

my teacher was no idiot. Of course she knew my friend was asleep. She was just waiting for her to realise it too. After the test was complete and my dear friend sleeping like a baby, the teacher was still waiting for her to wake up.

The old, old woman got tired of waiting for the damn girl to get up, so she took 3 math books stacked in a perfect pile, walked to my young friend's desk and dropped the math books in the small space next to the desk.

She woke up, startled. "Is it time to go yet?" my dear friend asked. Everyone else seemed to find this funny, as they laughed and laughed at my sweet friend. I tried making them stop laughing, but it was no use. The teacher even wrote an after school detention slip!

Just then, as if by magic, my best friend began to glow. Starting from her head, she started vanishing like a ghost. The process was like a flash. She flashed once, and flashed again once she was gone.

I'll never know what happened to my poor friend, but what I have found out is that this sort of thing happens every 10 years.

This story happened 10 years ago. Please, I beg you, don't make this happen to you or your friends, please. Template:Sort