In 1930, a man named Joe owned a diner with his wife. The wife was very beautiful, but was also very vain. She soon grew tired of her husband and began seeing another man.

The husband found his wife sleeping with this man, and he became so enraged that he took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed both of them in the head until their skulls broke in two. At first, Joe didn't know what to do with the bodies; then he had a very evil idea...

File:Sloppy Textured Soy Protein.jpg

Joe called the parents of his wife and the parents of the other man. He told the parents that the lovers had run off, and served his wife and her lover on a bun; giving it to their parents, saying, "This is my special sauce." When the father bit into the sandwich, he commented, "This is a little sloppy, Joe."

Joe then started a company that ground up meat and added Joe's secret sauce, which became known as Manwich or Sloppy Joe.

Joe earned millions, telling only on his death bed what horrible crime he had committed. If you don't believe this is a true story, just go to the store, and look at the top label.