There is an old tale told frequently in my hometown. I promise this is one you have not heard unless you have spent at least a week in the area. I would give you the name of the town, but I wouldn't even bother, because it is difficult as all hell to locate. I am not kidding when I say this. The town, to me, isn't even a part of the United States.

Now, I was born and raised in this town, so I am quite familiar with the story.

It is called The Unforgettable Child. Don't ask me how the fuck the title of it came to be, because I have no clue myself. Ask the people who lived here in the late 1800s.

Moving on...

The tale kicks off in 1874, with a large family, and I really do mean large. One man and his wife had twenty-four children. In the autumn 1874, the mother of twenty-three children gives life to a twenty-fourth.

This child seemed to be one you could commonly find in such a time...that is, until her third birthday. It was then the family began to notice changes in her. She would only willingly eat one small meal a day, began to suffer from extreme insomnia and would show more aggression to just about everyone. These worsened as she grew.

Three years later, the mother awoke to find her husband and the other twenty-three children brutally murdered.

The twenty-fourth she discovered downstairs, in the sitting area, not even recognizable as a human, but something more evil than the devil himself. The child had obviously grown quickly and greatly over night, her skin looked that of an old and ill person, her hair gone, eyes black as a moonless night and no ears or nose in sight. It was strongly believed that the internal organs of the others were devoured by the human-turned-demon, as their bodies were found with nothing but skin and bone.

Eventually, she must have somehow noticed her mother and stared back at her for a brief moment, before quickly leaving through the window.

The mother then discovered writing on the wall in blood. It read, "You cannot die, and even if you want, you can't yet..."

Numerous sightings of a similar being have been reported in the area. There have been several disappearances ranging from 1880 to 1914 and many people claimed to have awoken to see the "child" standing in the farthest corner of the room from them. Most of these people have died anywhere from one week to three months after.

I guess now I can understand why they call the story The Unforgettable Child...because her actions cannot be forgotten. Template:Sort