There once was a terrible user in Wikia called User:Mika Vinilla, People are greeted with User account "Mika Vinilla" does not exist or has never logged in on this wiki. because of one thing. You see the user created a userpage but with a twist, That twist was that whenever someone visits the user page, when they go too there userpage the userpage will look alot like Mika's userpage but it gets worst... each day the page becomes more demonic and everyday people would come into the page and be greeted with a message saying "Hai" along with a demonic voice. after 7 days the page will get jacked and can't be reverted but it is said there's a way. By disabling or blocking Mika, the pages that made contact with the virus soon heal each day but if Mika makes a sock or is unblocked, The pages because more demonic then ever. Apperently, Wikia put an end too this demonic horror by disabling his account but the account still exist if you go to his user talk and text in (Hello My name is [Username] and the page will appear if the user goes into the page after saying this, at some rare occasions, A voice can be heard behind the person saying "I love this wiki".