CREEYATID BYE User:SuperEvilDarkJefftheKillerBenDrownedCreepypastaLOL666

Thiz iss my fhirts ateumpt at crepypassta LFOAM ok its a coleboratiun offf al the SCUARYIEST PASTAZZ EVERR!!!!!111111 ENJOPY!!!!111111 :D :| >:( AND DO'NT BE A MEENIE WEENIE GAY PERSUN!!!!11111

OK WUN DAY JEFT FHE KYLER WU Z kiLLENG sumwone and HE FINDED a VidEYUO TAP HE PLAYDD IT ON THA PLAYSTATION3, the bezt cosnole in tha wirld :D, andd it saeid "Jeff u kielld peepul 4 too long urnext!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Jefff was SO SACRED!!!! he weint 2 the slendryman's house 4 hellp butt slendryman wuzz 2'oo bussy kiullyng sum duudes. Jeffffff wented to Hapy Apy but hee wuz 2 busy cauzing NINE/ELEVEN (it wazznt Ohsamea Been Ladin's fualt you dumbys!!!) Jeffff waz so sad but den he wuzzz happy :D B-cuz hee wented 2 Pokeeman Creepy BLAKK's HouSe!!!!111111 HE ASSKT TEH GHOST 2 KILLL THA GUY DAT MADED THA VIDDEEYO BUT THA GHOSTT couLD'nT halp cuz he wuz a FUCKING VIDEO GAME CHARACTER DUMBASSES!!!!! JEfff feltt so sadd and then 666 (lol) yeerz layter the persun who maded the videyo (wich waz Barick Obama the whirst presidennt evar D:< ) killd him!!!!!!! RIP!!!!!!

Sittin at the ghetto thinkin bout

All my homies passed away (uuunnnggghhh!)

Candy painted cadillacs and triple gold

That's how me and my boys rolled

How could it be?

Somebody took my boy from me

My best friend's gone

And I'm so all alone

I really miss my homies

Even though they gone away

I know you in a better place

And I hope to see ya soon someday