I was going to work at about 11:00 PM; I have a late shift. I was driving a truck and through the corner of my eye I saw a man wearing a monocle, a dirty suit, a top hat and he had a cane. I also noticed he had black hair and a black handlebar mustache.

He seemed to be watching me from the bushes as I drove by. Surprisingly the road was bare, and there were no cars to be seen. Shortly later, I was at work. I couldn't stop thinking about that mysterious man.

He was the only thought I had. The next day, I was going to the grocery store to get some food. I was driving once again but then I noticed the man again. I could see him better this time, and he appeared to have some faint red on his suit. I ignored it, thinking it was none other than my imagination.

When I got home, I saw my wife on the ground in a puddle of her blood, dead. I saw a sticky note on her head and it noted "Your friend is next". I immediately called the police and told them I found my wife dead. I described to them how she had a note on her head.

Then I lost signal.

I then realized what the note meant. I had a friend that lived not too far away and I got in the truck and hit the pedal to the medal. The road was empty once again. I didn't even realize how fast I was going. I then heard a quiet laugh behind me. I turned around to see the man.

I screamed in fear and held the pedal so hard that I couldn't feel my foot. Although it was only about half a minute, the man was gone. I got to my friend but he wasn't there. No body, nothing. The only reason I could get is because the door was surprisingly unlocked. I was very confused, because my friend locks the door all the time. I decided he was out shopping or something else.

The next day I checked his house just in case. He wasn't home, and the door was still unlocked. I checked the next day, and the house looked exactly the same. I called the police to tell them he was missing.

The police put up some posters, but then I started to see the man more often. I decided to go to my parent's place and told them my situation. I then slept over and I had a nightmare. I saw that man just staring at me. The next morning I said nothing to my parents and just left.

I saw him again and I chased after him. I was right behind him but he escaped and I lost him. The next day I was at the grocery store only to see that my parents were missing.

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