I was searching the internet a while back and I stumbled upon this article. I was going to use it for a project but I simply left it. There are now no websites containing information on this incident.

The ArticleEdit

On June 18th, 2001.

A horrible homicide took place in Edgefield County last night.

10-year old Michael Watson was killed by a lawn mower.

Watson was mowing the grass in his back yard last night when his body was discovered under the lawn mower, mangled beyond recognition.

Officials are concluding that this was in fact a homicide.

Investigators say they found him with his hands and legs tied together while his head was fully lodged under the gas powered mower. Investigators also found that the lever to keep the mower running was tied to the handle bar. Watson was so far away from the house that the mower ran all night until the gas ran out. He was discovered in the morning by his parents when he wasn’t in his bed. They found him on the edge of the woods on their property.

A neighbor says she knows Watson's parents and knew Watson when he was very young.

"He was just as charming as he could be," said the neighbor. Most of the Edgefield County community has heard about this tragedy and they're continuing to pray for the family.

It's a sad day in Edgefield County and police are still restlessly trying to hunt and find the suspect but as of now they have no lead.

If anyone has any information about the possible suspect please call the local police department at xxx-xxx-xxxx.


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