I'm scared..and I need help. I don't know what just happened, but my lust to know grows and expands with every letter I add into this plea for help.

I've been out here for a day now, outside of my home. I can't go back inside, because I know he is still waiting there, doing something....I cannot give it the satisfaction of allowing it to keep me as one of its victims.

Last night, at about 1:20 AM, I was on my phone, watching videos, when one of them suddenly stopped. The wi-fi was down, meaning I would have to go downstairs to the bottom floor of my house where my computer is to fix the problem. I knew I wasn't going to sleep that night, so I decided I was going to go down and get it done. My two brothers fell asleep down there, last time I checked, so I would have to be quiet. I started on my way down the steps, but halfway down, I felt a literal chill forcing on my back, and being pushed up onto my neck. I let out a deep sigh as I clutched the handrail, continuing down.

I finally got to the last step, when I peeked to where my brothers were supposed to be. They weren't there...where they were, though, stood two figures. Those figures were near transparent, and tinted with a light cyan. They moved like smoke, as they turned to look at me. Taking a step back, I was afraid, and they could see that. They got closer to each other, until they clicked together, becoming one, less transparent, and less human creature. He had no limbs, his arms were gone, and his legs twisted into a tail.

I turned around, and started to run. I heard a crash, and looked back. My brothers were back again, in the same spots. I rubbed my eyes, still shaking with fear. I told myself I simply....imagined it..and laughed it off as I walked over to my computer, and plugged back in a lone plug. Turning back around, to climb back up, I saw the man again....closer. He was so cold. I sprinted back upstairs, but soon enough, it was cold up there too. I ran outside, near crying. I sat on a step, looking into the distance, covered with warmth.

I've been out here for hours.

Its been in there for longer.

I'm on my phone, typing this...

And now...

I can feel a gust of wind on my neck. Template:Sort