Four children disappeared the evening of June 25, 1999 at the home of Jack Taylor. Jack was celebrating his tenth birthday and three of his friends (John Lassiter, Sean James, and Drake Tompkins) had arrived at his home for the slumber party.

According to reports from Jack’s parents, the boys stayed up well into the night. At some point, they piled into the hall closet, where they turned off the light and proceeded to speak into the mirror. “Shady lady,” they repeated over and over again. The next thing the parents reported was hearing screams and the sound of a woman laughing.

The parents rushed into the bathroom, but by the time they entered, the boys had already disappeared. It was then that the parents remembered the nanny cam set up in the closet. Upon viewing the tape, the parents reported seeing a shadowy figure emerge from the mirror. The figure took the form of a woman with a white face. The face had no eyes or mouth, and only the outline of a nose. The figure swooped around the children, appearing to scoop them up in her cloak, then disappeared.

The children have not yet been found. Template:Sort