so there was a couple who were having a child. it was there first born. while cleaning out their office they found their bucket list. The husband (Chris) wouldn't show his wife his. The wife (Andy) said they should start doing their list. The husband was skeptical but agreed.

They ventured to the great canon, they went sky diving, and they also climbed mount Everest. The wife discovered her husbands bucket list in their room. She horrified to see that the final thing on his list was to kill her. She was so shocked she went into labor. The husband found her and brought her to the basement. He cut out the baby and put him (Ronnie) into a chair. he tied his wife to a wall. He scalped her head and made the baby eat it. He pulled out all his wife teeth and ripped off her finger and toe nails. He poured acid all over his wife and set her a fire. Than ate her still semi alive. The cops never found any trace of her left. They could never pin the murder on Chris.


The son discovered what his father had done he than became Jeff the killer. He later found his half sister suicide Sally. They became a murderous pair.