Chapter 1:the game Edit

im looking sites for a harror game im found a game free game titled curse started it

Chapter 2:mario chaosEdit

im start playing game menu is a list of game charters mario,sonic,mega man and ???. im select mario first this like a mario 3 wight a scary tiles,enemys and bosses im come in to the final boss game was ended wight a cutscene bowzer is shooting mario mario is died and showed other cutscene all toads are escapeing some area and koopa looks like dark and has spiked sheels and kills toads and the next cutscene played bowzer is vomiting blood and next bowzer was died and back to do title screen

chapter 3:the sonic best killer aliveEdit

and title screen mario is named locked and died and im select sonic thats the sonic 3 and knucles but this like a harror game im played the games half a thing capture sonic kill it and get his eyes and sonic and back to the title screen and sonic be the zero eyed killer

chapter 4:the mega man?Edit

im selected mega man this a game like light can kill you but mega man 1 end willy is explode to do meat and blood and that thing try to kill mega man but im kill that thing and back to the title screen and mega man changed to alive robot

chapter 5:mario is aliveEdit

??? changed to mario is still alive imm played it mario is goess a scary house and the black toad says escape using the blood whiltse and mario uses it and mario escapes and game is crashes him self and a mail sened to me after you still alive and im find you and kill you

chapter 6:the lost guyEdit

who plays that game he or she losts the curse only brokes a guy plays can and every one can survives