You will here the final story from Skalot Tundefred Deader.He wont be back, so here's the final story.

The story Edit

I was walking down the street, until i saw him. He was looking at me,i ran back to my house.I went on my laptop and i was playing some games.Well my laptop crashed for no good reason, i booted my laptop back on.I saw on my background saying I'm back.I was scared, now i decided to take revenge. I grabbed some knifes and went there.He was there with a gun pointing at me.I threw one of my knifes and dodged the bullet.The knife hit him in the dick,and i threw a another knife and it hit him in the face.(btw he was a satans slave hacker sent from hell).He died, he went back to hell. And i never saw him. I screamed "YEEES HEEE'S GOOOONNNE!". And i went back to my house. The End.