once upon a time there was a person named nigeal he was said to create the world but nobody beleived him. If anything they HATED him. They said he was stuck up and chattery. some thought this guy name jesus christ CREATED the world, They were wrong. He got sick of being treated with no respect. So he went to get a costume, and get a machete. He intended to end the world he created. He wanted to kill every world leader. Without leaders people will be helpless and he will step up and be the RULER of all. But once he killed someone the town tuned on him and totured him willing to kill him. But they had to think of the most grusomest way possible. They decide to burned him to death. no one bothered to remove the mask. 20 minutes before they burned him he got struck by lightning, he passed out. When they burned him his mask melted in with his skin. it was a grusome sight. He woke up to the smell of burning blood and melting metal. The lightning strike gaver him superhuman strength and the abillitty to never die. He jumped out of the burning building that he was in and attacked the gaurd that had his machete. When he got his weapon he killed eveyone there. There were over 1800 people there. they dont know were he is. They will never know and never will

                                                       The end.Edit

                                                       Or is itEdit