One day, I was playing ROBLOX, I found a game called "The Man" I thought it was gonna be a funny game, and I thought I would have a few laughs, but.. I was wrong, I joined, and everything was weird, I was in some kind of facility, that broke down, or hasn't been operated in multiple years, I tried exploring, and found a lantern, surprisingly, it worked, but didn't last for too long.

That was whe.. I turned the corner into a ROOM. And I saw.. him.. "The Man", I searched up what he was about, and such, and all I found was.. nothing.. If you are wondering where I found this, I found this in my Recommended part of the front page, But, there was nobody on it, only me, I quickly checked if anyone else was in the gane, when I saw him, nobody was, and the man like creature was still there.'

What did IT look like?

It had an Rthro like body, Red shirt, Jeans, and a real like face, he was holding a knife, one of the knives you find in the catalog, but.. there was no telling what kind of knife it was, mainly because it was Dark, and the Lantern broke.


From the recent events, I hope everyone out there stays safe, but little do I know what happens next, I haven't seen him since, but many things have been happening to ROBLOX accounts, glitching, bypassing etc.

ok so this story is made for fun, but tell me what you actually thought of it if it was to be a real creepypasta ok thx.