There was a party in at midnight a karate party they also had a tournament there was a 14 year old boythat fought in the tournament he lost by 5 points he was bleeding he went to the bathroom and the guy came in that fought them agian this time he poured alcohol,bleach and vinegar he cried alot almost every came in to see him the bully poured play goo on him soon 911 arrived at the dojo the boy went to the hospital "are you all right said the nurse. "whats your name asked the nurse. Jack he said i will get you soup she said when the nurse came back jack wasent there he was behind the nurse he had a nife he said let's party in a relly deep voice he stabbed her in the back there was a nother party as soon as he got there every one scremed and ran he killed every in the party then he named himself THE PARTY KILLER!!!!!!!

Dont forgent to PARTY HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Then he ment a dog that liked him so he was coverd in goo hahahahahahahahahahahahah