It was a normal day back in the year 2000, I was pretty bored that day because, well it was summer and I was 15 year old boy. Since I had played and beat every video game i owned, I thought I would try to find a game that was fun, easy, and fast to download. Well after searching for probably an hour, i finally stumbled across a game on a website, the game was called planes.exe. It was kind of a weird looking website anyway, so I was kind of nervous to click on download, the website was a black background with one download link. Like i said I was a bored teen, so I clicked on download and the download finished almost immediately, i tried to do a virus check, but my virus scanner would crash immediately upon startup. I hesitated greatly, but being stupid me i opened it anyway, that was a great mistake. Upon opining the game I was greeted with a rather, happy text, it read, "welcome to plane simulator! We hope you enjoy what you do :)". Well it wasn't in English i had to translate it, but when I clicked on new game, it asked me, "1 plane or 2?", at the moment i thought this meant how many chances do you want, so I chose 2. The game told i made an excellent choice. Well it was nothing really for awhile, I was just flying around trying to do tricks, when all of a sudden a objective popped up on the top of the screen, it said, "crash into a tower". I thought nothing of it, so When I saw the first towers i flew straight into it. The game crashed and reopened, I was kind of weirded out by this, and before I could think any farther, the game reopened, and instead of the title text it just said "continue game". No other options. Hesitantly I clicked on it and it returned to my normal game, except i was in another plane and I was looking at the same spot of the first building i crashed into and at that second another objective popped up, it said, "finish it....". I actually had no control over my plane and before I could think, it flew straight into a second building. The game crashed and my pc shut off immediately. Later that day I was watching the news, what the reporter said will never leave my mind, he said...."this just in, two planes have crashed into the twin towers."