'What's wrong..?'

'Tim? What's wrong?'

'What's wrong?'


I flipped fucking shit. I grabbed her throat and began shaking her violently, digging my nails through the skin on her neck. She let out a shriek as I threw her frail body to the bedroom door, breaking multiple bones in her body.

I reached under my pillow and pulled out a gun. I aimed at her fat, fucking head and I pulled the trigger. Her brains splattered all over the wall, along with blood and shattered skull fragments.

I moved closer to her body, still shooting, filling her chest with bullet wounds until the magazine ran dry.

I slammed the gun down on her now pulverized face, and started punching and kicking the dead carcass.

By the time I was finished, there was only a mass of beaten flesh laying in the middle of my bedroom floor. Blood gushed out of every wound, staining the carpet.

I stood over the body, the rage that filled me had been unleashed, and someone was now dead.

I fell to my knees, tears forming and beginning their slow decent down my cheeks. In the midst of the anarchy I had caused, I could only hear a few words being repeated in the chaos of thoughts that was my mind.

'What's wrong?'