so hi I am jack from the USA I have something to tell all GTA 5 players.

so it all started when I got GTA 5 for my birthday from my elder brother as soon as I unrapped it I put the disk in my PS3 and started playing.after I finished the story I started looking for cheats on my PC I found one called title cancelled 152 so I got the cheat and started to play. everything was normal until I couldn't buy any cars,moterbikes or planes nothing not even a gun then people started to go missing cars were crashing and driveing of the edge of high ways and when I couldn't find any cars or people I started to walk home when I got home the dog was dead in my sports car then a person holding a pistol looked at me and ran away when I tried to switch weapon I had none so I just ran after him until he just stoped in the road and said title cancelled 152 and said it for a while and then stoped and said someone you know will suffer. then I heard my brother scream I ran down stairs and there was blood on the wall and it said you are next

and my brother was never seen again.