Tobuscus, famous comedic YouTuber, has joined Instagram for normal purposes. His character seems to tease the dog, make him look tough,etc, etc throughout his videos. One day he installed Flipagram, and made it so his dog equals evil, the original picture of the devil has been erased, and a fake one has been put up. The reason for this is because when the first people to see this video were 2 Japanese boys, when they did they started screaming for some reason. When the father came to see what was going on, he passed away along with the boys, according to the camera. 20 minutes later, the mother came home and saw them dead and, dialed 911. The police immediately got the ambulance, when the police saw the picture of the original devil they both developed stutters and Face Blindness. The video was deleted 30 minutes later, and the few that got to see it developed Panphobia, depression, and other disorders. Police interviewed Toby Turner and still didn't understand why the effects didn't happen on him. A user named @Verbal_Villain posted it and, his depression was cured.