• Once when I was three years old I had a old transformers DVD. It was of the very first season. Being three, I was naturally courious on what the DVD had on it. So I watched it and enjoyed it. Recently I stumbled across it and thought "hell, I haven't watched this thing in years, so why not." I popped the DVD in and clicked start. The old "Transformers! More than meets the eye!" Song played. But once the first episode started I noticed that something was... off. Instead of the narrator talking about cybertron he said: "it is the 1995 and megaton has taken over the world. The only autobots Left alive and bumblebee and optimus prime." It then cut to bumblebee shouting "PRIME, PRIME WHERE ARE YOU!?" It then cput to Optimus burrying grimlock and rachet. The flip sign then cut it to megatron using iron hides body for target practic. "Ahhh. Perfect shot." He said as he blasted off iron hides head. He then turned to starscream head still functioning and still talking and said "starscream, your new body is ready, he put starscreams head on and said "there you go. Now please stop complaining." starscream replied "no megatron. I won't. He took my body now I want his head. DEATH TO OPTIMUS!!" It then cut to optimus' head laying on the ground with wires coming out the bottom and smoke coming out the eyes. In the background is bee chained by the wrists to a bord with no legs, Moaning and crying for help. It then cut to megaton with a creepy smile on his face. Saying "you shouldn't have tried Optimus. but you learned the hard way." The the episode ended. I clicked eject and burnt the disk.