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"ugh, why do all of my victims only last no more than twenty minutes?" twilight complained to spike, "pinkies victims last hours," she complained.

"mabye its because she uses pain killers so they dont scream because they dont feel the pain," sike sugested wiping the blood from his face, "who do you want me to fetch for your next victim?" he asked.

"well, celestia has been geting closer and closer to cracking her case so how about her?" twilight asked with a wicked smile on her face. spike checked himself in the mirror to make sure he was blood free. when h was sure he head out to fetch celestia.


"this doesnt make sense, all of the ponies that are suspected have no conection with the disapearense of the ponies still missing," celestia said to luna.

"i dont know celestia," luna said. i've killed before but not like this, luna thought.

"princess celestia twilight needs you right now, she wants to talk to you," spike said flying into the palce urgently.

"ok ill be there in a minute," celestia answered.

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