Once, long ago in a small seaside town called Lemongrass, there lived an old man. He lived in a large house that had been passed down by his family for generations. He considered house his prized possession.. One day, he saw that one of the floorboards in his kitchen was warped, like water had been sitting on it for quite some time. The old man decided to get some tools and try to fix it. He worked on it for quite some time before deciding he would simply buy some more wood and replace the damaged board. The old man carefully removed the warped floorboard and saw that the boards underneath it were damaged as well. He pried up the other damaged boards and finally came to the hard earth beneath the house. The house was very old, and though it was very well built and nice, it strangely did not have a foundation. The old man noticed a dark red liquid, somewhat dried was seeping up through the cracks in the soil. The closer he got, the more it resembled old, clotted blood. The old man took a shovel and began to dig deeper and deeper into the earth, following the sticky, oozing red trail until he hit something hard. He dug around the object until he hit it again on the opposite side. He unearthed the object, and immediately regretted bothering with this work, because there he saw the body of his deceased younger brother, that had been sitting underneath his floorboards for over a year.