This is a sequel to Fairies, which I suggest you read first.


So, I guess I'll be that kid. That kid who keeps a journal. But something really cool happened, so I have to. I saw a unicorn. Not one of those fakes that you can find at a Renaissance Fair, a real one. He's followed me, it's kind of funny. He's got a gold horn, mane and tale, with a pure white coat. So, this might even be the only time to use this thing, but maybe not.


Not! But I'm actually quite worried. The unicorn... he's... evil. Why else would he follow you, you idiot? Nevermind that, he scares me. The whole town's been transformed into a countryside area. And get this- evryone has a unicorn! In just a month. Well, I've got to go and feed Graphic, that's what my family calls our unicorn.


My parents had to find a mate for Graphic. Her name is Comic, they had triplet foals. They're Evil, Streak, and the girl, Fire.


The school's closed. A normal kid would be happy, but the school closed for a reason: all the kids disappeared. The entire town vanished, except my house.


The garden grows continuously, it's impossible to take it all down.


I don't believe in unicorns.

I don't believe in unicorns.

I don't believe in unicorns.


Who would have thought a unicorn could write? Sorry for the blood stains, the girl didn't believe in me, and I stabbed her with my horn. She escaped, but she's badly wounded. Wonder if she'll run into my friend Lulisa?


It took me forever, but I got my journal back. I'm recording the ENTIRE thing, even Graphic's part, online in case anything happens to me. I got away from Lulu, and now Graphic.