If you have ever had a blonde girl enter your class and she has the name known as Vanessa you may be in trouble. If she walks in with a binder saying Jeff+Jane=Vanessa you are in a twist of misfortune. She will come into any high school wearing a SLUTTY dress do not fall in love. Here is my story my name is Vanesa.

I was in my math class and walks up a girl named Vanessa. My teacher had her sit next to me. She was wearing a furry chettah print tube dress. She waited the whole class period silent. My boyfriend Max was a cute and smart guy. After the whole period ended she went up to him.

"Hey, big boy I'm Vanessa, 2 s'."

He fell in love, with her D cups and her short dress were she had no underwear. My bf Max walks up to me with a sad jestor to make.

"Babe I do not love you we are through I love the new girl."

I knew something was wrong because Max hates whores, sluts, and strippers so why does he like her? So I followed her and her eyes turned black. I heard dial a number she put it on speaker. This is what happened.

V-"Hey Maxie Poo"

M"Hey baby I'm home alone for 5 hours."

V"You wanna get down and dirty?"

M-"Sure girl."

Then she got a taki and drove to Max's house. I took my motorcycle and drove to his house ASAP! They were in bed together having sex. When her eyes turned black and the back of her skin began to peel. I decided to run in and save Max. I ran in his house and heard him scream. I grabbed a knife from the pantry and ranned in. But it was to late. Max was dead. I looked at the wall and saw in blood "U WERE 2 SLOW"