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Police complaint log. #24756

A girl roughly 26 years old filed a report about an unknown figure vandalizing her property with white paint reading: Watch for the white rabbit. Responded with: "We cannot do anything about this problem unless you have an eyewitness or video proof. She filed an application for court but was denied 2 weeks later.

Police Missing Person log #23452

A middle aged man roughly 45-56 called in, tipping them about a missing girl roughly 26 years old. He mentioned that she was last seen at a wedding reception in her mother's and father's back yard. At this time she was wearing a blue dress and had her long blond hair unbraided behind her back. She wasn't found, presumed dead. Investigators found tie between complaint 24756 and this case. We are still unaware of the severity of the connection.

Subject's family was not devastated by this, and a day after the disappearance of the girl, the graffiti disappeared. We're certain that the family removed the graffiti.

Arrest log #4956937

Subject called herself royalty after her arrest. She had burned down the house of the missing girl and fled the scene. She was found shortly after this incident laying against a tree by the burnt down house mumbling something about being late for a meeting. She was taken to the hospital and deemed insane. She was left in the facility with no family ever found. She escaped, and is presumed dead.

She may have a connection with missing person 23452 but that is unknown. One investigator found a gold stopwatch buried in the ashes of the mansion when looking for evidence. Corpses were found on the scene consisting of a 67 year old woman, a 34 year old man, and an unidentified person. This case was closed and hasn't been updated yet.

Arrest log '#4959864

A woman, thought to be missing person 23452 was found lying on the road, blood on her dress holding a corroded stopwatch in her hand short-fly after she had murdered a family with kitchen knives.

Witnesses claimed she climbed up from the roots of a tree a few meters from the deceased's house and crawled her way into the basement window, followed by screams.


The witnesses say she was followed by a white rabbit, presumed to be the Oryctolagus Cuniculus White breed. A child was found hiding in the deceased's house. The child was hiding in a closet mumbling about running late for a tea party, rocking in place. The murder weapon was not found, only the missing knives are suspected.

The middle aged man that reported the murder's disappearance claimed that he was her long lost husband of hers and claimed her name to be Alice. He said she needed to return to Wonderland.

Oryctolagus Cuniculus