Do you remember the Cartoon network show We Bare Bears? Well, I thought that "Dingle", a common word, may be a swear word. Most people don't believe me, but I got a theory.

But enough chit chat, I found a We bare bears Viral Video DVD. I popped in the disk. The "We'll be there" Theme song was deep toned. and there was only one episode. I clicked "Play. The Episode Started.

The title card was ominous. And instead of the cartoony font, it was a more Mad-max font. I thought it was a joke. The title said: "Panda's Rage". The episode started with Panda repeatedly saying: "DINGLE!" And Grizz and Ice bear were serious at Panda. Grizz said: "We need to stop panda." Then Panda said: "FUCK THE DINGLES!" And shot Grizz and Ice bear. The episode ended with Panda's Voice actor shooting himself. Then the episode ended. Did Panda's voice actor really died?