Walking to the weight room, Dale carried his weight. This was an almost daily thing for Dale, and he had been doing it for years. Some days were better than others. Some days he would have a tough time carrying his weight, and other days an easy time, but no matter what, Dale had to carry those weights or else Master would be disappointed. 

On such rare occasions that Dale failed to carry his weights, Master would just divide the weight up, and that was more work for Dale.

Finally, Dale reached the weight room. There he put the weight on it's loop.

File:Man walking.jpg

Dale didn't really know what the weights did. He always thought that they balanced something, but he wasn't really sure WHAT they balanced. But, it really wasn't his job to figure that out, now was it?

His work being done, Dale took one last look at the weight he had just put up. He watched it's arms and legs struggling against the bonds, and it's taped over mouth trying to scream for help.

When the weight stopped moving, Dale went home.