Hello, I will be using you to find out about a strange episode of WWE Raw.

It was Monday and my family and I were watching WWE Raw. Suddenly, in the middle of someone's promo; the lights in the arena went out and distorted sounds played accompanied by occult imagery. When the lights came back on, another individual appeared in the ring; he was dark-skinned and looked slightly over 7ft tall. I also noticed he was wearing a lamb mask.

He was joined by a Choir full of Primary School-aged children, who were singing the guest rapping portion of Micheal Jackson's '2 Bad'. The imagery and sounds appeared, the Choir disappeared but the singing continued. Suddenly, the TV froze then it happened again.

Everyone in the audience were now masked and then it focused on Forenzik. He started to laugh hysterically until the commercial break. And do you know why, I know his name? Read the post-script and you'll see. The clips then reappeared, leaving just a lamb mask in the ring. It screamed: "Oggady Boogady" really fast, then commercials came on.

Please update me if you find any information on this episode, all I have is the general time it aired: Early 2014.

PS: The mask had a note on it that said: "I am Forenzik"

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