?hello am rose this is just 4 fun ' ,in the year of 2002 i was
12 I made a 1-foot-tan-doll I name her raven .
'late at night i was sleepingwith my new doll.
'as i sleep in my bed i heard a strange sound

as i wakeing i saw raven standing
then she looking at me. 'she said thank
you for bring me to life all stay with you forever ok rose
and you can be my mommy .

'i couldn't believe my eyes or ears and i wasn't scare

of raven because she was mine all mine. 'the next day,
'raven and i went to play in our backyard i swing her on a swing

for an hours,
' when i swing on my swing raven was pushing me,
.at lunchtime me and my sis ann ate lunch
'but as we eat my sister was feeling that she was being watch,
'rose where did she come from.

and i said i made her last night remember anne.
'oh she she look
uh nice hehehe'
'i think my sister was stared
to fear my doll.

'but i love raven and she love me .
'during the years
i stared to fix my doll
to make her more.
'cute she didn't mine it at all
as long she was cute,
'for a while she had orange skin. then
in the year of 2009 she wanted a blue skin
so now she had blue skin.
'she & i become very close
i even bring her to high school
with me.
i told my teacher that raven had to come with me because
when i squeeze raven i was not mad ,
you see i was special-ed person and raven calm me down
. so raven been with me for 12 year'

i wish i can show you a picture of her but cant she hate pictures
and don't worry she not evil she nice