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It was a local legend my grandmother grew up hearing; There was a secret society, what some will call a "cult", in the woods surrounding the town, Bauerville, Maine. Sort of a typical story, basically made up so kids will behave. One version of the story said the cult abducted kids who didn't behave. Not many believed it, only a spare few did. It was just one of those stories you'd tell surrounding the camp fire on a late night during summertime. It was what I did.

There were three different versions; The one my grandmother claimed was the real one, the one everyone told at sleepovers, and the one to scare kids. Only once was the cult ever considered in a disappearance of a kid in Bauerville and that was back in the late 80s, early 90s during the Satanic Ritual Abuse scare; A moral, plague-like panic.

A girl was kidnapped and found two days later, raped, head and hands cut off to prevent from identifying her. To this day, no one knows who she is-Or was. A lot of people brought up that maybe the legendary cult in the woods may have something to do with. Police finally gave in and went into the woods, looking for the cult. They claimed they never found one but my dad told me that some of them came out of the woods very shaken. Suspiciously, one of the officers died four weeks later.

I never believed the legend myself. I just always thought it was just a story, nothing more, nothing less. Of course, that was until I went into the woods, on a dare, and heard the whispers.