My arm fell limp at my side, the dehydration slowly getting too me. I looked around the room and coughed. It's been three days.

I had been stuck in this closet (Maybe it's a cupboard I thought, chuckling) for the past three days, my already nearly empty water supply having been emptied the day before.

Now, I could barely move because of how tired I was. How hungry I was. How thirsty I was.

Why am I here? I thought wearily, licking my lips, thinking of how delicious a small cup of fresh water would be.

I leaned my head against the door area of this room. I had tried breaking it down on the first day after it wouldn't open, but that had failed.

That was when I heard it. Whispering from behind the door.

I shuffled more closely towards the door, pressing my ear against the thick wood.

"How... See... Die?" I was only able to catch small bits of the conversation, but I was glad to know there were people.

"Hel..." my throat was so dry, I could barely speak above a mumble. My eyes widened at this, and I tried kicking the door, but my lack of food and water had gotten to me, and my kick was barely audible.

I heard a different man laugh, and I paid more attention, "Give... Test... Collection... Advancements?"

Still, I heard barely anything, but their conversation was very... interesting.

Are they talking about me? I thought with a quirked eyebrow, Or somebody else? Are they the reason I'm here?

I heard a pair of footsteps walk towards the door and put something on the ground.

I heard two things slide under the door, and I hastily grabbed them, exerting more energy than I had into getting what had slid under the door. It was a small knife and a cloth.

"Do what you want," the man behind the door chuckled, "Either way, the next time we come here, this room will smell of copper."