So I'm sure you all have heard of Minecraft. I grew up playing this game. But one day I saw something on there that scared me for life. It all started on a Saturday in my summer break. I decided to play some Minecraft I got on everything seemed normal loading screen stuff like that. When it loaded it said there was a new update I read the patch notes. It was mostly Bug Fixes but one note said -Added 606. Now I just thought it was a mistake/error that slipped through the patch notes so I just exited out and got into a game of survival. When I joined my main survival world I spawned in a desert and last time I played I was in my tree house in the jungle biome. And my armor was gone including my iron pickaxe and sword. I was upset but it could have just been a glitch. I ran through the desert exploring and came across a village, but the village seemed off. There were no villagers and none of the buildings had glass and it was covered in moss. I explored and then I went into the church. When I walked in there was a chest. Odd? I thought. I opened the chest and there was a book. And it was one of those books you could read to. The book was called Satan's Bible. I got goosebumps but shook it off. I opened to the first page it was blank. I opened the next and what I saw really messed me up. There were pictures off how to summon demons and pictures of these beasts and there were pictures of people like real life people dead. I felt sick and closed the book. I got up from my chair and went to the Bathroom I looked myself in the mirror and thought 'this cant be real your going crazy' I went back to my chair and sat down and when I looked at the screen I was in the nether. Then I got a message saying '606 has joined the game' My heart was pounding there were mobs everywhere and there were not your average mobs the looked like demons, I tried to run away but couldn't the keys weren't working. Then one of the demons carried me to a table. He strapped me down and pulled out a knife. He cut my characters arm and then the other one. He put his hand grabbed my blood and smeared a satanic star around me. Then I saw someone well something I should say it was a tall grey skinny Steve skin. he had no clothes and had symbols all over him. And then something caught my eye, in the middle of his chest it said 606 now I know who 606 I thought to myself. He started to charge at me he jumped at me and right before he hit me the game crashed. Then I got a error saying -606 has left the game. My computer hasn't been working since then. I don't know what happened that day but I swear I'm never gonna play Minecraft again.