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What was that?
I think something is in the woods. 

Even though it’s the middle of the day, it’s scarier than at midnight. Someone, or should I say something, has been following me. Who is coughing behind me? Is it my imagination? I ran as fast as I could, ignoring all the scrapes I got. As I push the branches out of the way, I finally see a light ahead. I turn and try to see if anything is behind me. There is nothing but breaking branches and a cold, musty smell. I look ahead again and the light is gone.

What just happened?? I tripped and fell face-first, knocked out. When I woke up, it’s midnight. What is that long thing moving in the woods? Whenever I look at it, it disappears. I am alone. I am afraid. Well, maybe not alone.

Something fell out of my pocket. What’s this? I picked it up, seeing it was a handwritten note. 

It said, “Jenna, this is you. Get out of the woods! NOW! Or you will suffer a fate worse than death. Signed, Jenna.” 

What the heck? I don’t remember writing this, but it is in my handwriting.  At least I understand the “woods” part. But a fate worse than death? Am I just going crazy? Then again, I don’t remember how I got into the woods. I have a sudden feeling of nausea. What’s happening? What’s in the woods? I have to flee, but the feeling of curiosity is stronger. I have to find out.

Since when is there a perfect hedge maze in the woods? This place is really creepy; I don’t know how to get out. Maybe if I get through the maze, I’ll be out. Crap, there are bones on the ground. They look like they were picked clean. What did that though? Something is running towards me. Please help. But don’t go in the woods, or you might find us. Me and the bones. Together. No one else…

A week later, a patient, a girl age 12, came into the hospital, scratched and unconscious. When she woke up in the ER, she started murmuring something about the woods,

“Don’t… Woods… Something running… Please… Bones…”

She proved mentally unstable, so she transferred to the mental ward. That night there was hysterical laughter coming from her room. Then a loud crash. When the attendants came, a hole was knocked down and the words “Just me and the bones” was written on the walls. No one has seen the patient Jenna Green since.