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In Ohio, there is a road that leads into Hillsburo, but no one ever takes it. Many people are afraid of the legend and tale of the road.

The legend is that when you drive through Worrley Mill at night, your car will just stop and not turn back on. No matter how many times you try to start it again, the car will just not start. People have reported that when their car is stopped, they will usually look around, and if they look to their right, they will see a cornfield with a strange-looking thing standing there, staring. Lots of people think it's the Slender, or Mothman, or some other legend, but most say it is a mannequin. People have reported the thing to be very tall (about 7'5 or 8') and have pale white skin, and the thing is either wielding an axe or a scythe. Whenever people look away and then look back, the thing is there, mannequin eyes gazing at you, but closer to the car. There have been reports of people dying of fright or just disappearing; the car nowhere in sight and neither are the people. If you do drive to Worrley Mill Road, never go past 10 o'clock PM or before 6 o'clock AM, or you will see it. School buses never go down Worrley Mill in fear of what could possibly happen, even though it is most likely a made-up legend. People have sent the mayor of Hillsburo many complaints and questions about Worrley Mill, but the mayor never answers back.

Whenever the mayor is interviewed, she's recorded too. Once on tape, she was asked about the Worrley Mill legend. She just sat there, staring. The mayor eventually answered, "I don't want to discuss this anymore... goodbye," just sitting there, staring for about 2 minutes until the tape ended.

No one has ever got a photo of the Mannequin, but I don't think anyone in their right mind would want to try and get a photo; it would be suicide. If you really want to, try to go on Worrley Mill Road at night or very early in the morning, but I am not recommending this to anyone who does not have a death wish.

The way the mannequin kills you? He stretches his long arms, touches you, and gives you the worst fear you can think of. If it didn't kill you, it would leave you demented, and eventually, the mannequin would mutilate you. First by gouging your eyes, then skinning you alive, and then giving you the worst fear that anyone can imagine; something no one alive knows.

People say that he is the true form of Hell itself, filled with nothing but hate and rage; nothing but evil behind his blank, pale eyes.

That is the Legend of Worrley Mill Road in Hillsburo, Ohio.