My name is Valentine Illenton. I am both an author and historian. My life's works focuses on obscure, macabre or ancient myths. I am not known by the public for both personal safety and for the simple fact that no one truly believes my stories. Recently, I purchased a small box containing twenty-three audio logs along with a bizarre note. The note was written in what appears to be yellow blood and is entitled “Your Conquest.” I posted the contents of the note online if you are truly consumed by curiosity. The audio logs, however, drew my attention more than anything else.

It appeared that the audio logs belong to one Clyle Barkenton. According to some of my research, these logs were first retrieved by an unknown party and became shrouded in complete utter secrecy. It is unknown who knew about them and any attempt to find out has ended up in failure. Sometime in 2012, these logs became obscure and forgotten since few were willing talk about them or even knew of their existence. The unknown party that first collected the logs released each log to the public for reasons that are completely unknowable.

I will not say how or where I got these logs. The only thing that should matter is what on these tapes. I urge you to keep an open-mind. Believe what you want, but know this man had no logical reason to lie about what he saw.

Audio Log #1

September 1, 2010

My name is Clyle Barkenton. I am an archaeologist who has nearly thirty years of experience in exploring and studying long forgotten and ancient civilizations. Recently, three friends of mine came across a map that would lead us to a grotto that supposedly housed an ancient tribe of cave-dwelling people. What truly caught our attention was an artifact we found. It was a dagger that was unlike anything we have ever seen before. After careful studying, we learned that the dagger itself is well-over hundred and seventy-five thousand years old. By our accounts, this dagger is older than Humanity itself!

What was more interesting was the writing on the blade. It was unlike anything we have seen before. The words "Veli'Oost'Belen'Bar" were written in a small, but noticeable font right in the middle of the blade. If our data is true, the words written on it were made by a tribe of Humanity that pre-dates even cavemen. Now, that doesn't make any sense considering the dagger is seventy-five thousand years old.

However, I was consumed by one simple question, who in their right mind would pass up the chance to learn about a long lost strand of Humanity? Who could say no to learning more about a tribe of humanity that existed before the age of cavemen?

The best part of all this, however, was the fact that the map lead us to a cavern in Tennessee. Archaeologists like my friends and I have discovered elaborate and ancient cave-art that are well over a thousand years old. According to the reports, the art was soft to the touch and was possibly finger painted by Native Americans. Perhaps painted by people much older and more ancient than Native Americans! So, is it really that far-fetched to believe that a tribe of humans lived in America long before Native Americans? Is really far-fetched to believe that Humanity itself is far older than we think it is? To those questions I say with 100% certainty that the answer is simply no.

My friends on the other found it hard to believe. I will have to try and convince them that the discovery of this cave is important.

Audio Log #2

September 11, 2010

After a long debate, I managed to convince my friends that such a discovery should not be squandered. We will be leaving in a couple of days. The actual site is only twelve hours away. I haven’t been this anxious in the longest time. Not since I helped in the discovery of an ancient tribe in Canada that was more three-thousand years old. Despite every historian dismissing what my team and I found as merely “laughable,” we were excited for the fact we found this tribe. True discovery is not about fame or recognition! It is about what you learned and what you can pass on. I will study this dagger some more tonight and see if I can some more data.

Perhaps it is just my imagination, but I could have sworn this dagger is “alive.” It’s hard to explain it, but I am thinking the dagger knows I am studying it. It is watching me with great indifference. Perhaps this just a sign that I need some sleep. For now though, the research is more important.

Audio Log #3

September 11, 2010

Still can’t sleep. Not because I am still anxious about going, but because I feel the presence of something powerful. Believe it or not, there have been reports of veteran archaeologists such as myself claiming to feel an ancient “presence” when at a dig site or studying an artifact. In fact, I have stated in the past that I felt something while visiting old ruins or studying artifacts that are hundreds if not thousands of years old. However, this was different. It was liked I was being watched by something ancient. I couldn’t help, but to feel afraid. I am going to try and get some sleep. Maybe a good night’s rest will clear my head.

Audio Log #4

September 13, 2010

We stop in a small town in Tennessee to get supplies and possibly hire someone to be our guide. At first, everyone in this small town seemed to be very interested in who we were. Some even jumped at the chance to be our guide before even asking us why we needed a guide in the first place. When we told that we going to study the grotto that was not far from town, I noticed everyone who wanted to be our guide went pale. I have never seen a group of people so scared before. Billy, one of my friends who came along, noticed the locals began to odd. Some began mumbling to each other and started speaking in a very strange language.

I finally decided to see what was going myself and that’s when I saw it. A large figure appeared to the townsfolk inside a bar. I couldn’t quite make it out what it was since I was looking through a window. However, I knew for a fact that the figure was not human. Then I felt it, that same presence that I felt before. It felt stronger than ever. Never in my life have I felt such fear. Never have I ever felt the sudden urge to commit violence towards someone. I never felt this way before and I ran away as fast as I could.

My friends, Billy, Frank and Felicia were waiting for me and wanted to know what happened to me. I simply told them we needed to get out of here. All I kept saying to myself was simply one thing that I was not going to die here. When we drove away, we initially abandoned the idea of going to the cave. My friends and I went home, but I could shake the feeling of fear and dread. I managed to hide when I was with people or in public, but in private I was afraid. What exactly did I see? Better yet, why can’t I let what I saw go? I need to know more, but it is far too dangerous.

My friends and I have come across cults and even violent tribes before, but this pales in comparison to those experiences. I will have think more on this. For now, I have the dagger and all of my notes. That will have to do.

Audio Log #5

September 15, 2010

Am I going insane? I think the dagger is speaking to me. I don’t understand the language and at first, it seemed like utter gibberish. Juleg’du’lag’de’vi. That’s what I hear over and over from this goddamn dagger! I couldn’t take it anymore. I ran out of my house and spend the night in a hotel room. I longer hear the dagger speak to me. I am so tired.

Audio Log #6

September 17, 2010

I slept for a whole day and didn’t even realize it. Seeing is how I woke up a mere ten minutes before I had to check out, I scrambled to wake myself up. When I checked out, the manager of the hotel seemed off. He didn’t even know I was checked in despite the fact I met him when I first walked into the hotel. He didn’t seem mad, but rather confused. He took the key from me and said something rather to me while I left. I didn’t think nothing of it at first, but I thought about it when I got home. He said Il regarde which is French for “He is watching.”

I cannot help but feel I stumbled across something evil. The dagger, the citizens of the small town in Tennessee and now being told that someone is watching me. I have no idea what to think anymore. Perhaps I should have never even looked at the map or the dagger let alone study it. I am going to think about what I am going to do next.

Audio Log #7

Unknown date

Dela’Vene’Ust’Jivan. Vinna’Cross, Heve’Cre. Sali’kor pel’tel’cha. Ist’tell’avorna. Juleg’du’lag’de’vi.

Audio Log #8

Unknown date

A’KALLA DEN’TRE! HEVAFAR! JE’KAX! Bring the dagger to the cave. NOW!

Audio Log #9

September 23, 2010

I just heard the two mysterious audio logs! Both were made by someone I don’t recognize. The language itself sounds more ancient than I previously thought. There is no logical way this language was made by man. It is hard to explain, but this language has a certain presence to it. You feel so small when you hear it. It is as if the words themselves pierce your very soul. That is of such things even exist. I have never felt this way before. Too feel so small and yet somehow feel useful. Now, obviously I understood the English part of the message. “Bring the dagger to the cave” followed by a commanding and utterly demanding “now.”

This is what I meant by being useful. To do something as simple bringing the dagger to the cave near that small town in Tennessee. I have no idea if I can translate the ancient words that are on the dagger and the words in the two audio logs in a short time. I must try to. If I am going back to this cave then I want to be prepared. Something tells me that I won’t be coming back and I want to be prepared for anything.

Audio Log #10

December 12, 2010

I have had very little success in translating the language, but I have the translated a part of what is written on the dagger. Veli roughly translates to “conquest” so I can safely assume that this dagger is an instrument of violence and war. I am thinking starting to understand what is going on here. The civilization in the cave, the dagger and the small town are all part of a cult who worships a deity of war. To make matters worse, I am being contacted by it. Is going back to the cave really a good idea? I can’t even imagine what will happen if I bring the dagger back to the cave. I can’t ignore this either for I will haunted by this deity until I do what it commands. I need more time to translate what is on the dagger and the audio logs. I simply just need more time.

Audio Log #11

January 1, 2011

I can’t take living like this anymore! My friends stopped talking to me, because all of them think I have lost my mind. When I sleep I hear the whispers of the deity. My dreams are so vivid; I have mistaken them to be real. The dagger speaks to me when I am awake and when I leave my home, I notice people that I have never seen before stare at me. My life is nothing, but a long nightmare that I cannot escape from.

At this point, I have only one choice. I cannot sleep well anymore, let alone try to translate the fucking language. I have to return the dagger. I will probably die or perhaps an even crueler fate, but I do not care right now. I am leaving for the cave tomorrow.

Audio Log #12

January 2, 2011

When I arrived into the small town in Tennessee, I noticed three things. The first thing I noticed was the town was completely abandoned. From the looks of it, it was abandoned just recently as some of the buildings still had power on. The citizens must left in a hurry as well as all, but of the houses are wide-open. There are fresh tire tracks going in all directions along with nearly a limitless amount of footsteps in all directions. From the looks, it was only adult footprints. Either the adults were carrying their children or something terrible happened to them. I don’t even want to think about it.

The second thing I noticed was the town hall was razed to the ground and none of the evidence suggests the town hall was burned down recently. The burnt logs are still warm to the touch. I am completely baffled by this.

The last and most important I noticed was a shrine in the middle of burned field. It was small and only had enough for one maybe two people at best. Inside was a small statue of a four-armed being that looked like a mix between some sort of insect and a humanoid type creature. Is the being these people worshipped? No idea, but it is possible. All I know is something horrible happened here. I can feel it in the air and in my gut. There were no signs of blood or where the people of the town would have gone to. I will have to investigate what happened here before moving on. Maybe I find a weapon somewhere.

Audio Log #13

January 3, 2011

I spent the night in a resident’s home, but not before I found a shotgun with 12 shells, a military grade knife and a book of some kind. The book simply has a black cover with no labels and it is completely written in the ancient language that has haunted me since day one. I had no idea what it is and I am tired of trying to translate this damn language. Perhaps we never meant to learn the language or perhaps I was never meant to learn. Perhaps both? Not completely sure.

What I am sure of is what happened to this town. The town inhabitants left the town and burned the town hall down from what appears to be a religious dispute. No surprise there considering what I saw when I came to this town for the first time. However, it is the manner of the dispute that is troublesome. In the razed town hall, I saw human remains along with along strange looking body parts that were also burned.

I also found three dead bodies in the town bar. The bodies were clawed up like some feral animal tore them apart. I remember feeling sick to my stomach. Never in my life have I seen so much blood and gore. I emptied the contents of my stomach all over the ground after seeing that. I couldn’t go back into the bar. It just wasn’t due to all of the gore, but because I felt like my sanity was slipping away from me. Who or whatever killed those men was not human. That much I know for sure!

No one deserves to die like that. Remembering the fact that was no flies or maggots anywhere near the dead bodies, I realized what ever killed them can even make insects fearful. I never knew such fear even existed. After careful study of the town, that was all of the information I could find. That means I have to enter the cave alone. I have no idea what is waiting for me in there.

Audio Log #14

Note: This audio log was damaged and barely audible. What could be made out of it was Clyle mentioning something about a monster. Beyond that, nothing useful could be extracted.

Audio Log #15

Unknown date

I have seen the monster that lives here in this cave. It is a creature that appears to have eight eyes, two legs, three arms and has very fleshy surface. It has small tentacles coming out of it’s eyes and the creature is carrying weapons. From what I can tell, it was had a sword in each hand and was wearing armor of some kind. That’s all I can tell about this monster since I only saw it from a distance. However, I have the seen what this monster is capable of. I also know that this monster kills for a simple reason. Not because it wants to or because it is part of its nature to do so. No, it kills to serve in order to serve a master. Each time the monster has killed someone or something, it brings the dead carcass to a shrine. I can't tell how old the shrine itself is, but I know for a fact that is ancient. I heard a voice speak from the shrine. It seemed pleased with the monster's actions. I never stayed long to listen to everything the voice said to the monster. It would appear that was a good idea on my part.

The monster is not interested in me personally, but rather it appears to be hunting strange looking humanoid creatures. These creatures have pale white skin with long ears and wear clothing that appears to be made from carapaces from giant bugs. These humanoid creatures appear to be blind thus all of them rely on movement and sound to hunt. The monster kills entire groups of these creatures at a time with no mercy.

I know I am not lost. This not the first I have gone cave-dwelling before so my experience is paying off. Also this dagger seems to guiding me through this cave. However, this cavern is unlike anything I have ever seen before. It seems like it was man-made as the walls are far too refined and are smooth to the touch. I will continue further exploring, but hopefully I will find my destination.

Audio Log #16

Unknown date

I have no idea how long I have been down here. Feels like I have been down here for days now. I am getting hungry and I am forced to drink water from the various ponds I find. I see the remains of one of the humanoid creatures. The cave monster must have forgotten about this creature. I’m so hungry. I take out my knife and start cutting the creature’s leathery flesh. I begin to eat it and realize it tastes very similar to a well done steak. Later, I begin to eat the dead creature’s heart, brain and livers. Yes, this thing has multiple livers. I counted four and each one tasted like overcooked bacon. Eating the heart was like biting into an apple and even tasted like one. The brain was the strangest of them all as it tasted like exactly like a medium rare hamburger. Perhaps my mind simply focused on familiar tastes so I would continue eating. It’s a logical explanation, but the problem is that logic took a nose dive the moment I walked into this cave.

I am eating the carcass of a dead humanoid creature, I am listening to a dagger and I can feel my sanity slipping away the more I stay in this place. The more I eat, the less things makes sense. I don’t care at the moment. I simply wish to eat. I will continue onward after I am done.

Audio Log #17

Unknown date

I have encountered underground chambers that are well-light from torches. On the walls of these chambers, I have noticed writing and hieroglyphics carved into the walls. I recognize the writing as it was the same writing that was on the dagger my friends and I found before we came here. However, I couldn't shake the feeling that it was old. Perhaps even older than caveman drawings. Words such as "Nejin'Torko'Karla" and "Fi'De'Jikan'Tova" were written over the walls. What could these words mean? Why do these words repeat? Perhaps the two most important questions I should be asking is, who wrote them and why?

The hieroglyphics showcase a being who resembles a warrior or conqueror of some kind. It's hard to tell exactly since the hieroglyphics are incomplete. Not to mention, a good number of them are faded out to some degree. Each chamber I have encountered has had almost the same type of writing and hieroglyphics. The chambers themselves appear to have been made by humans. I have seen pictures of ancient human tribes who built ancient caverns such as these before.

I have been through what seems like a dozen of these caverns so far. Sometimes, I encounter more dead pale creatures. I dare not even think to eat them as most are in the final stages of decomposing. I can swear I can hear voices in this cave. All of which are Human. I believe I have truly lost my mind and hahaha, I can, hahaha! Hahaha! I can hear the voice of my dead wife, haha! She is telling to bring the dagger to her, haha! Hahahaha!

Audio Log #18


Audio Log #19

Unknown date

How long have been doing here? Days? Weeks? Months? No, it can’t be months. I refuse to believe I have been down here for that long. Then again, I keep seeing those pale humanoid creatures from time to time. I feel like I should give them a name instead calling them “pale humanoids.” Maybe I will call them Scamps. I don’t know why, but that is the only name that is coming to mind. These creatures are very odd. The more I explore these underground caverns, the more Scamps I see. The Scamps are indifferent towards me. None of them care that I walk around and even when I get close to them they simply just stare at me.

I have noticed that the Scamps revere what is written on the cavern walls. I have even heard them chanting the words “Moog Be’Lok Alack’a’Tar. Yol’Hot Je’Viah sing’we’git” over and over. I have no idea what means. I keep pushing forward. I need to find a place to rest as my body is wearing down.

Audio Log #20

Unknown date

I found something. It is an underground temple and despite the fact it is older than anything I have ever laid my eyes on, it is a welcome sight. I decided to walk up to the temple and that’s where I saw it. A small slit on a stone altar which I am only assuming is where the blade goes. Without thinking, I slide the blade in the altar. The dagger lights up along with the altar. It was so beautiful to look at it. However, my joy was washed away by dread the moment I saw him. He was a being who resembled a giant humanoid rat! He easily towered over me as he was well over twelve feet tall. His eyes were blood red, his claws and fangs were razor sharp. His tail was nothing more than a long whip.

However, I saw what appear to be wires from his head. I have no idea why these wires were there, but they were cutting his flesh forcing him bleed on the floor. He spoke only once to me in a booming voice. Bevron’Pokken Yol’hot Je’Viah. After saying these words, the wires cut through the back of his head. His brain was cut in three perfect parts as it hit the ground. His blood covered the temple. Moments after he fell to his death, Scamps who were dressed in insect armor came pouring out in droves to consume the beast.

As more and more Scamps fed on this giant humanoid rat, I vomited. I had no idea what I was witnessing. I can feel my grip on my sanity completely vanishing and I started to laugh as I vomited more. This caught the attention of the Scamps as all of them stopped what they were doing and stared at me. I never laughed so hard in my life. Fear was long gone at this point as my mind completely snapped.

As I laughed, a figure dressed in black armor came out of the temple. The figure was the most grotesque abomination I have ever seen. It had the body of a man, but the head and face resembled that of a sabre tooth tiger. It had eight eyes that were as white as snow. It had six bulky, tentacle like arms with claws for hands. I felt like this thing was of great importance and viewed me with sheer indifference. It walked over to me and just stared at me as I laughed. It doesn’t seem to convey any sort of emotion.

Soon, the creature walked away from me and the pale creatures ran back inside. I got up and said what the giant rat said “Bevron’Pokken Yol’hot Je’Viah.” The abomination looked at me with I can only imagine as a look of confusion. I laughed even louder as the ground shook. Nothing made sense anymore and I enjoyed it.

However, that’s when it happened. I woke up. I must have fallen asleep in one of the chambers. The dagger no longer speaks to me. I am once hungry and there is no water to be found. I am simply making this recording, because I see no reason to continue pushing onward.

Audio Log #21

Unknown date

Normally when one gives up, they begin to question their life. Perhaps even say how much they love their family and friends. I, on the other hand, see no reason to do this. I will just lay here and die. As I lay here, I feel the presence of something powerful near me. It is watching me.

Audio Log #22

Yol’hot Je’Viah calls to me. His word is law. His thirst for conquest is never-ending. He calls me a tool to be used. He senses the hate and violence in my heart. I can feel his presence. I cannot die until he has no further use for me.

Audio Log #23

It took me awhile, but I finally found his temple, the one I dreamed about. I place it in the altar. Yol’hot Je’Viah then appeared to me. He was unlike anything I have ever seen. He was adored in black armor with the ancient language written all over it. His very appearance looked a cross between an insect and a Scamp. He had four-arms and I could tell that he was old. In fact, his very presence suggests that he is older than the Human race itself.

He spoke to me. He told me that his own kind banished him to our planet eons ago and he sees our entire race as “useful.” He seeks only to conquer this planet. He admires how dedicated I was in bringing his dagger back to him. He now wants me to use his dagger to kill everyone I have ever met. Friends, family, acquaintances, everyone!

I will do this for him for my mind and body now belongs to him. I am his tool and I shall not fail. Bevron’Pokken Yol’hot Je’Viah! Bevron’Pokken Yol’hot Je’Viah! Bevron’Pokken Yol’hot Je’Viah! Bevron’Pokken….*audio cuts out*

Upon further investigation after listening to these audio logs, Clyle Barkenton was charged with twenty-one accounts of murder. His name was never released to the public and any evidence that suggests he ever existed is completely removed from public record. Everyone who ever met him or knew him have been paid to be silent or are never heard from again. All that remains of this man are on these audio logs. I have no idea where Clyle Barkenton is or if he is still alive. All I know is that I have seen the dagger he used on his victims with my own two eyes. It was mailed three days to me, but suddenly vanished along with my fiancée. The dagger itself was later shipped back to a remote area in Tennessee while my wife was found murdered near Garland, Tennessee.

The police had no suspects and the body was mangled. The only part of her body that wasn’t mangled was her head which had the words “Yol’Hot Je’viah” written in blood. Her murder was never made public and her body was cremated without my permission. I have no information on this Yol’hot Je’viah. All attempts to get information outside these audio logs on this “being” have failed or have been confiscated by an unknown party. Clearly, this unknown party does not want anyone to know about this being. Whoever this Yol’Hot Je’viah is, it is clearly is beyond anything I have ever encountered.

Written by Dragonwolfworm