My StoryEdit

On May 3rd 1993, Something I will never ever ever forget happened. The loss of my dear friend, Katie. Katie and I were close, I would even say we were "best friends". She went missing on April 26th 1993. I miss her a lot, Her death was mysterious yet brutal. She was found in a bloody mess. Not far from the mess was her head. Her hair was in plaits, her smile reached over her nose, and her eyes were bloodshot with no pupils. How can your eyes turn out like that? I have no idea. I have been trying to figure out why she died for many years. I got no information. Her diary was found open next to her head. On the last day of the diary, It's hard to read due to blood.

April 5rd, 1993Edit

Strange things have been happening around me. So I thought it would be nice to keep a diary. I could've sworn I saw a shadow outside my window... no problem. It's probably just my imagination... and I think there was a bloodstains on my pillow... Stop scaring yourself, Katie! It was probably Tom playing with the ketchup bottle again.

April 6th, 1993Edit

Okay, I have a feeling all this isn't my imagination. I keep hearing a child screaming coming from outside my window... there is no child at all! I feel like I'm going insane. Maybe some cranberry juice will calm me down. The cranberry juice tastes weird. Maybe it's gone off... or maybe it's blood. How am I stupid enough to think it's blood... I better sleep.

April 7th, 1993Edit

Too prove to myself the juice wasn't blood, I cut myself and tasted the blood... it tasted like the juice... Now I'm scared.

April 26th, 1993Edit

I h ven't wr  ten in a whil ... I fe l t e more I write the angri   it g ts... I h ve the f eling I'm g  ing      to   die     tod y... goodb e

My Story ContinuedEdit

As I told you, the last day is covered in blood, and hard to make out.

I have a feeling the shadow had something to do with the death