This journal entry has been found by the police in a abandoned insane asylum, and the entry was found 20 year old Grace, who has been missing since age 15. Her body was missing her heart brain and arms her face scratched to the point investigators couldn't barely know it was her.

Journal Entry October 15 20XXEdit

I woke up with something tapping my window I was scared to open my eyes I could fell a creatures breath on my neck I was terrified the creature started laughing loudly demon like. That let me know that that thing sensed my fear. I forced my eyes open I gave out a blood curling scream in front of me was the most disgusting horrible creature it looked like a deformed shaved dog oh the eyes does eyes could make a grown man cry!

The creature started laughing like a mad man. I started shaking crying, the creature raised one clawed hand and scratched me on my face. I screamed in pain as I felt blood dripping down my face. In one snatch he took me by the waist and jumped down the window with me on his claws, we entered what looked like a abounded factory. He threw me in a room, there were blood splattered everywhere, bits of flesh bones organs, and clothing everywhere. The first thing that came in my mind was what was this creature going to do to me! This couple of days been horrible everyday, he would beat me, bite my flesh, and cut me. My once black hair is now dirty with dried blood. I miss me parents, my sister, my brother... I don't know when this horrible creature will get bored of my-----

The rest of this entry has been torn off only this message was found: NO ONE IS SAFE I WILL FIND YOU I CAN SINCE YOUR FEAR YOU CANT RUN!!!