I'm 13, and this is the first weird thing to happen.

So, I'm going to get right in to what happened.I have been playing Skyrim since it's release on 11/11/11. The first time I installed the game on my gaming laptop, it all went well, I beat the game, and then my save got corrupted. So I uninstalled the game, oh boy, was I mad. A few months later I saw on the steam workshop how big the modding community was for Skyrim. So I decided to re-install the game to try some of them out.

I started a new game so I would have something to play the mods on. Everything was good at first, until I had to run into that tower in Helgen from that Aulduin. Then things started to get strange. I walked up the stairs but the dragon never burst through the wall, nothing happened at all. Then I noticed that my hands weren't binded like they should have been either.

I found this very strange, "Oh well, just a bug," I thought.

Eventually the hole where the dragon should have came through just appeared, no dragon, no fire, just the hole. I went on with the game, everything was fine, the dragon was back too. I chose to go with the stormcloaks. But things started to get strange again when I escaped Helgen.

The guy from the storncloaks was not there with me. And everything was unrendered as if I where outside of the map. Just flat ground, no grass, crappy textures, and ugly trees. So I checked my objectives. There were none, so I started to go to Riften, since that is the first place you go in the game. Eventually I made it through that flat barren wasteland. But no one was at Riften. Besides one person. He was in the middle of the road dancing and holding an iron dagger. I giggled because it was so random. I walked up to the man and he said, "hello," then he killed me from 1 hit with his dagger. I flew into the air as if a giant had dropped the hammer on me. A quest notification appeared at the top, it said, "Complete: Skyrim Secret,"

Confused, I loaded the only save that I had. It was an auto save, even though I have auto save turned off. I loaded it. I spawned at the gated of Whiterun. Everything was still unrendered, and both of the guards that were outside were now gone. I had an iron dagger in my hand. I pressed "F" to go into 3rd person mode. I WAS PLAYING AS THE CHARACTER THAT HAD JUST KILLED ME! My curiosity took over and I approached Whiterun. When I got to the gates no, "press E to enter Whiterun," appeared, I just walked right through the gates.

When I was inside at the top left of the screen it said "100,000,000 bounty added to Whiterun," 3 guards approached me and started attacking. As soon as I attacked back I fell through the map. I landed in a fiery pit. Another quest notification appeared:

"Started: Welcome to Hell," Skyrim then exited and an error message appeared:

"Message from Skyrim: You wont escape"

I clicked okay and as soon as I did, Windows blue screened. C:/programfiles/steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim is making changes to your computer, came up in lines over and over again. The screen began flashing different colors, my heart was racing. The colors gave me a headache and my nose began to bleed. I shut my eyes tightly and held down the power button on my laptop and it eventually force shutdown. I shut the lid and let out a sigh of relief.

I lifted the lid again and it was already on my desktop. I wasn't surprised, I was starting to get used to this kind of stuff.

"What kind of virus is this?" I thought.

I uninstalled Skyrim. I got on my laptop the next day to try and get a refund on Steam somehow because they don't accept refunds. Another message box appeared:

"Message from Bethesda: Thanks for playing!"