I was in Discord, then i got a message from YoureDoomed. It said You're doomed, then a link showed. It was a video of YoureDoomed IRL hacking someone. Then he turned the camera, Then i heard a knock on my door. I grabbed a knife, Then i hid. Then he kicked the door open, I said to myself but the door is locked.-then e found me. I stabbed him and he didn't feel nothing, he kidnapped me. He took me into a black place. I was scared, then he was on Discord again. He said to me now you're trapped.- Then he decided to kill me but i escaped cause he can't tie a rope. I kicked him in the penis, then in the fucking face. YoureDoomed screamed, i jumped out of the fucking 2 story building. I ran to my house, i decided to call the police i said what happen to me to the police.I also said how he looked:

Black hair

Skull face

black pants

black shirt.

The police turned silent. Then the officer said that's Skalot Tundefred Deader the hacker we shot in 2016, but we didn't report it.-My face turned really white. So i hanged up then i went back to the place. YoureDoomed said to me you're doomed. Then he disappeared, then i went back to my house then into Discord. I was shocked, Discord was entirely blood red. And everything said You're Doomed.The end.